Emergency Services

Emergency Services in Louisville, KY

Please do not hesitate to call our office any time if you ever have an emergency or a question. We are on call 24/7 and if a problem cannot be solved over the phone, we are happy to meet you at the office to make our patients comfortable. Your comfort is our chief concern.

Quad Helix (Palate Expander):

Out on one side-try to wiggle out the other side to remove the expander completely. Call the office for an appointment and bring the appliance with you.

Broken Bracket:

If a bracket slides from side to side, it is loose and needs to be replaced. A bracket may become loosened from the tooth from eating things you shouldn’t. Call the office and let us know. If you are not in pain or discomfort the bracket can be replaced at the next available appointment. Please check for loose brackets each time you brush.

Loose Band:

To check for a loose band, try wiggling the band up and down on the tooth. If the band moves in this manner it is loose. Call the office for an appointment to re-cement the band. Please check for loose bands each time you brush.

Long Wire:

To check for a long wire, use your index finger to feel behind the bracket or bands. If the wire pokes your finger place wax on it until you can get in the office to have it cut. You should check for long wires before you leave the office at every appointment.

Ligature Wire or Elastic Ring Off Bracket:

Each wire is tied to the bracket with a steel ligature wire or a clear, silver, or colored elastic ring. If you should lose one in the front, call the office for an appointment. If you lose one in the back, this can usually wait until your next appointment, if you have one scheduled within the next few weeks. If you notice a tooth rotating or a tooth shifting you should get in sooner.

Broken Elastic Chain:

An elastic chain that breaks between links or breaks around a tooth may need to be replaced before your next appointment; however, this is not an emergency that needs to be repaired immediately.

Speed Bump (“Build-Up” Material):

The blue composite material on side teeth or molars keeps teeth apart to correct overbite and prevents biting on brackets. If this material wears off or falls off, call the office for an appointment to have it replaced. Try to keep your teeth apart as much as possible until you can get into the office so as not to bite lower braces and don’t bite into food with your front teeth.

Sores in the Mouth:

Irritations of your lips or cheeks caused by brackets or bands may be treated with a warm salt-water rinse. Wax can be placed on dried brackets or bands until sores are healed. Let us know if these sores persist. Your comfort is our primary concern.

You’ve Lost or Run Out of Rubber Bands:

Just call the office, and we’ll be happy to mail you some more.

You’ve Lost or Broken Your Retainer:

Call the office to have new ones made before your teeth shift. If we made a scan of your teeth, we may just need to order a new set for you. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the teeth have already shifted. Call us right away!

Invisalign Patients

What if My Aligners Do Not Fit?

Return to the previous aligner and call the office as soon as possible.

What Do I Do if I Lose My Aligners?

Go back to your previous set and call our office as soon as possible.

What Do I Do If I Haven’t Worn My Aligners for a While?

Aligners should be worn full-time except when eating, brushing, or flossing. If your aligners fit, continue with full-time wear. If they do not fit, go back to wearing your previous best-fitting aligners and call our office as soon as possible.

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Emergency Services

You never know when a dental emergency will happen. Thankfully, Perelmuter & Glatt Orthodontics is Louisville’s most trusted Dental Emergency team. We have a team of dental experts to serve you.