Most kids love candy, actually, most people love candy. So when it comes time to have braces applied, there can be quite a conflict between what you should be eating and what you want to eat. Sugary, salty, sweet, and chocolate and everything in between, candy could be disastrous. Everyone here at Perelmuter & Goldberg wants to help you better understand the foods you should stay away from when you have braces.
Eating caramel without braces can be quite a mess, so eating caramel with braces is not such a great idea. It is a very sticky and chewy substance and when it is paired with appliances in your mouth they don’t mix well together. This can cause the stickiness to get stuck between your teeth and if not properly brushed can lead to cavities. If you have cavities while braces are on, it could prolong time.
Salt Water Taffy
Just like caramel, salt water taffy is sticky. Salt water taffy is made with corn syrup, and if you have ever seen or cooked with corn syrup it is very, very thick on top of its stickiness. In some cases the thick sticky candy that is Salt Water Taffy can pull the brackets off of your teeth. It’s safe to just avoid taffy altogether, especially the caramel kind!
We may not all think of popcorn as a type of candy, but either way it’s very bad for your braces. The kernels can easily do a lot of damage as you chomp down on them. If it gets stuck between brackets or in your teeth it could lead to further complications. No matter the flavor, or type, any kind of popcorn should be avoided until your braces come off.
With just a little bit of patience, you’ll be eating all of your favorite kinds of candy again in no time!