It Depends on the Situation.
While we use a wide range of orthodontic s to help our patients achieve their greater smiles, we’re probably asked the most about traditional braces and Invisalign. Patients are always asking which one we prefer or which one’s better so we thought we’d take some time to discuss the differences. As you’ll see, each has its benefits depending on the patient and the desired result.
The Benefits of Invisalign
Invisalign aligners are great for tooth movement and corrective that’s not too complicated.
They’re relatively invisible—a nice option for people who don’t want others to notice they’re wearing braces.
Invisalign are removable, which means it’s easy to floss and brush your teeth and gums; you can also eat what you want because there are no food restrictions like with regular braces.
Invisalign are comfortable to wear and don’t affect speech.
The Benefits of Braces
Ideal for complex dental issues, like closing gaps or correcting extremely crooked teeth.
Braces often have visible results much faster, where as Invisalign usually offer more gradual results.
Since they’re not removable, there’s less self discipline needed for success with braces.
There are no added cleaning steps besides brushing and flossing.
So as you can see, depending on the situation both options can be great for helping you achieve your greater smile. If you have further questions about braces, Invisalign or any orthodontic , please today. We’re always happy to talk!