Having crooked teeth can be uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. However, did you know it’s more common than you think? This is true for both children and adults. Check out a few reasons why people have crooked teeth below:
Baby Teeth: The genesis of crooked teeth can go all the way back to baby teeth and habits. For example, heavily sucking on a pacifier or thumb, trauma to the mouth, or genetics can all be causes of crooked teeth from a very early age.
Jaw Size: Another thing that can cause crooked teeth is the size of your jaw. Some scientists think that the evolution of a smaller jaw has increased the chances of having crooked or misaligned teeth.
Malocclusion (misaligned jaw): Naturally, your teeth are meant to fit just gently over your lower teeth – allowing your molars to fit into the grooves. However, if this isn’t the case, and alignment doesn’t occur, your jaw could be misaligned. Having a misaligned jaw (overbite or underbite) is another cause of crooked teeth.
Genetics: It is possible that if both or one of your parents has crooked teeth, that you will too! You can inherit over or underbites from your parents as well.
Facial Injury: If you have a high-impact injury to your face or mouth, there is potential for crooked teeth, as a result of your unjury. So, stay safe and protect your mouth whenever you can!
Luckily, there are solutions to helping create a beautiful straight smile! Reach out to Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics today to see how you can get the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.