We’re almost certain you’ve seen or heard of them before; those white stains on your beautiful teeth! What are they? How did they get there? How do you get rid of them? Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics are here to provide the answers to these questions!
What Are They?
The white stains (or spots) on your teeth are surface stains that affect tooth enamel and appear as white spots. These spots are caused by a few things: dental fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, demineralization, poor dental hygiene, or eating too many acidic or sugary foods.
Are They Bad?
These white spots can be harmful if, in fact, they are a result of demineralization – which is classified as a gradual leaching of crucial minerals (like calcium) from the tooth enamel. This can be caused by plaque build up over time and acid exposure. People who have had braces are typically more susceptible to it. If the cause of white spots is enamel hypoplasia, then your teeth may require a more serious solution. Enamel hypoplasia is a condition that leaves teeth with thinner enamel than usual, which can lead to more stains and decay overtime.
How To Get Rid Of Them?
To avoid white spots from fluorosis, you can limit the amount of fluoride in your toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Or, if caused for other reasons such as being exposed to too many sugary or acidic foods; try limiting those in your diet to see if they start to disappear. In addition, microabrasion and bleaching can also be solutions if the cause of these spots are more serious like dental fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia.
If you’re unsure where your white spots are coming from, or if they are bad for your health, reach out to Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics in Louisville, KY.
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