Ever wondered if you need to wear a retainer after you’ve had braces? This is a popular question that deserves an honest answer. Nearly everyone will need to wear some kind of retainer after braces to receive optimal straight teeth, post-braces.
You can think of retainers as an insurance policy for your new, straight smile. This retainer with ensure that the investment and time you took to have braces is accounted for and stays that way! Specifically, bottom teeth are vulnerable to moving back to their old position, so they are highly recommended for a retainer.
Retainers hold your teeth in place, so they don’t move back to their original position before you got braces. When braces are removed, gums don’t tighten for a while, so you are at risk of teeth shifting back into place after their removal.
No matter what age, getting a retainer after braces is always a good option to keep your smile straight, as intended. Though there are different types of retainers, permanent and removeable, your orthodontist will be able to recommend which one is right for your situation.
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