Researching and understanding what to do when you have InVisalign can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. However, it’s an amazing option to get beautiful straight teeth without having to partake in braces – which can sometimes be invasive or painful. Perelmuter and Goldberg wanted to share a few key things to consider when you have InVisalign.
How Long Will the Process Take?
Of course, everyone’s situations are different when it comes to the length of time to wear InVisalign. If you are wearing InVisalign to straighten a few teeth, then your process could be as short as 4-6 months! However, if you are in need of straightening a whole row it could take up to about 2 years, depending. The best way to find out how long you’ll be wearing your InVisalign is to visit your orthodontist to get an accurate timeline.
How to Care for Your Teeth
One thing people forget when wearing InVisalign is that, your teeth can become stained, even with the retainer on. Thus, it’s very important to take proper care of your teeth and the retainer while you’re wearing it. Brushing your teeth and cleaning your retainer after you eat is a great way to prevent staining or plaque build up. So, don’t forget to have EXTRA good oral hygiene when getting InVisalign.
Post-InVisalign Yay – you’ve officially completed your InVisalign , not what?! After your orthodontist officially clears you, you’ll want to consider the fact that you may need additional s depending on how your mouth fits. If you have teeth that are being stubborn, it may be recommended for you to be fitted for refinement aligners. However, in many cases your is through and you don’t need to have another . Either way, be patient because straight teeth is a process that’s SO WORTH IT!
If you have additional questions about the InVisalign experience, or things to consider when having InVisalign, reach out to perelmuter and Goldberg today!