Swimming is a beautiful and engaging sport. Being able to work so many muscles at once with little pressure on the joints is a major benefit of diving in! However, have you ever considered the effects that the swimming pool, and more specifically it’s chemicals, have on your pearly white smile?
The chemicals in swimming pools have a major effect on your teeth. You may be thinking, “There’s chlorine and other chemicals in the water we drink, so how can it be that bad for your teeth?” The levels of chemicals and chlorine in the water we drink is not enough to cause discoloration or damage. However, the amount of chemicals in swimming pools can be harmful to your enamel levels and cause discoloration and sensitivity over time.
Specifically, if you have orthodontic appliances, the chlorine can also have an effect. Since the tray or braces sit on your teeth, chemicals can get trapped inside those appliances, causing teeth to be damaged if not cleaned properly.
How To Avoid Damage from Swimming Pools?
One way to keep your teeth safe from swimming pool damage is by working to keep your mouth closed while swimming. Of course, we know you can’t breathe under water, but doing your very best to control the exposure of water to teeth can save staining and enamel erosion over time.
Remember to always clean your mouth tray and brush your teeth after swimming. Additionally, if you swim seasonally, scheduling an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning and fluoride before the season is a great way to prevent damage.
If you have additional questions about orthodontics appliances and swimming, reach out to Perelmuter and Goldberg today!