Are you considering braces for yourself or someone in your family? If so, we’re sure you have many questions about the process and how to best go about choosing the right option for you.
Good news, we have answers to your questions! That’s part of what makes Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics the number 1 Orthodontics practice in Louisville – we are truly here to help you navigate these decisions. So, let’s get started with a few of the most popular questions about braces:
1) What is the best age to get braces? The truth is, there isn’t a “best” age to get braces. Anyone can get braces and it can be a great decision at any age! However, for a child getting braces, children ages 10-14 is ideal because the mouth is still forming and permanent teeth are coming in.
2) How long will I have braces? This timeline depends on a few things: the amount of straightening to do, your cooperation with avoiding specific foods, oral hygiene and much more. Generally, a child may wear braces anywhere from 1-3 years. So, listen to your orthodontist, follow the steps, and stick with best practices for proper braces care.
3) Are braces JUST for straight teeth? While the mission of braces is to straighten teeth out, the benefits of having straight teeth are much more than just cosmetic. Aligning teeth can ensure you get a better clean and reduce tooth decay/gingivitis.
4) Have braces advanced in the recent years? Yes! You can actually now get clear brackets or Invisalign for a less noticeable look. In addition, braces now have heat-activated wires which work to constantly shift teeth – so each adjustment hurts less and less!
Whenever you choose to get braces is up to you! Using braces to align the teeth is a wise decision for those who require straightening of misaligned teeth. When you are ready, or if you have additional questions and we’ll be your experts.