In 1985, Perelmuter & Goldberg became the first practice in the area to use the esthetic ceramic orthodontic brackets. In 1986, we became the first orthodontic
office to use heat sterilization of instruments. In 1992, we incorporated computer generated diagnosis. In 1997, we became the first to use digital paperless charting and, in 2000 we became the first office in Kentucky to use the Invisalign system of clear aligners. In 2006 we began using temporary mini implants in selected orthodontic cases and shortly thereafter, we obtained a digital x-ray system.
In 2012, we were the first office to use the to replace gooey molds
of the teeth. However, we still had to make molds of the teeth if we needed
appliances immediately because there was a two-week turnaround to obtain 3D
printed models from outside labs. No more!
Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics has recently purchased the Juell 3D printer
to print the 3D models in house. We can have retainers the same or next day in
most cases and no longer have to take gooey molds of the teeth, even if we need
same day retainers. In addition, the quality is better than we get from our outside
labs and the models don’t break like plaster molds, so duplicate retainers can
frequently be made off the same model. We also have acquired 2 of the most up-
to-date s to reduce waiting time for our patients.
At Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics, our goal is to give our patient the very best orthodontic care and we will take advantage of the latest technology to do so.