Practicing good oral hygiene habits as a child can be a challenge. Practicing those same habits while wearing braces can be even trickier. That’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for parents to help their child work through the early stages of their orthodontic :
Encourage your child to swish and rinse with water before brushing in order to loosen food that may have become caught between teeth or braces
Assist and instill daily flossing habits using an orthodontic floss threader for best results
Have your child use a fluoride rinse each night before bed to keep teeth healthy and strong
Schedule and attend dental visits every six months for checkup and cleaning
Find fun ways to encourage or reward your child for practicing proper oral hygiene habits
As parents, we can understand the many benefits of both brushing and flossing teeth. But, for children, the two aren’t often found at the top of the priority list. For this reason, a little motivation goes a long way. Just being present to instill good habits from a young age is crucial for your child to continue such habits as they grow. Start now! Strong and healthy teeth pair perfectly with the “greater smile” you and your child are working toward. Help them get there with these quick tips and plenty of encouragement along the way.
Have questions? Give the doctors or staff at Perelmuter & Goldberg a call, or ask us at your next scheduled visit. We’re happy to give you the tools you need to succeed!