Lari Ann Stein, our financial and insurance coordinator, is an integral part of the Perelmuter & Goldberg team. She’s been with us since February, but admittedly she had a bit of a rocky start. Not because she wasn’t great at what she does, but because she broke her wrist two days after starting!
“I slipped on the ice and that was that,” Lari Ann said. “The break was so bad I had to have surgery. I couldn’t use my left hand for ages—and of course I’m left-handed! It didn’t make the best new employment scenario for me, but everyone here at Perelmuter & Goldberg was so nice and helpful, it didn’t faze me. They immediately made me feel like a part of the family.”
As financial and insurance coordinator, Lari Ann checks patient insurance, enters contracts, manages account and insurance payments, and a variety of other financial-related tasks. She previously worked for another orthodontist in New Albany, but on the referral of a friend, she came in to to see what the buzz was all about.
“I knew almost from the start this was a great fit for me,” she said. “It’s a lot more fast-paced here, with a much more diverse patient base. We also have a lot of adult patients, which I really like.”
Lari Ann lives in New Albany with her husband. She also has five kids, the youngest of whom are high school seniors.
“I’ll have four kids in college next year,” she said. “So you can see why I’m not retired yet!”
Well, we’re glad Lari Ann’s not retired—she’s doing a great job and fits right in. Next time you stop by the office, make sure to give her a big Greater Smile and welcome her to the team.