If you’re a patient at our practice, most likely you know our clinical assistant Noemi Garcia, affectionately known as Mimi. She assists the doctors with passing instruments, doing indirect bonds and changing wires, as well as calling back patients and making notes. She’s always ready with a smile and does great work too—a perfect combination!
Mimi has been with us for over nine months now and this is her first job in orthodontics. As a matter of fact, she was hired while still in school to become a dental assistant.
“Dr. Perelmuter and Dr. Goldberg have been training me almost since the start,” she said. ‘I’ve learned so much from them, in terms of how to do better work and how to interact with patients. I couldn’t have asked for two better people to learn from.”
And all of her hard work has paid off. On May 10, Mimi graduated from ATA College and we’re all very proud of how far she’s come. As for what made her want to pursue a career in orthodontics, her reasons are very dear to heart.
“I actually first heard about Perelmuter and Goldberg because by brother was a patient here,” she said. “I saw first hand the difference that orthodontics made in his life. That really motivated me to want to help people like him.”
Her brother was told by other orthodontists in the area that he would need surgical . However, Drs. Perelmuter and Goldberg didn’t see it that way.
Mimi said, “They told him if he was willing to follow their very closely and stay compliant, they could help him. He listened and now all these months later he is going to finish earlier than originally expected—and with a beautiful smile.”
And it’s his beautiful smile and the smiles of all of the patients at the practice that give Mimi so much satisfaction.
“It means the world for people to have their smile change so positively,” she said. “The boost it gives can honestly mean the world and it’s been great to see that change in every one we treat.”
Keep up the great work, Mimi!