That’s right. April, which has been deemed “National Facial Protection Month” is the month orthodontists, dentists, and others have joined forces to educate their patients and peers about the importance of protecting your face and teeth.
This dedication came after the finding that far too many Americans each year suffer severe trauma and injury to the mouth and teeth that could largely be avoided with the proper facial protection gear.
In sports, this protection gear most commonly comes in the form of a mouthguard. And as we’ve posted on the topic of mouth guards before, there are several different options to choose from.
“So, how do I choose?” you might be asking yourself. To answer this question, you’ll want to start with your particular situation. For braces wearers, a brand called ShockDoctor provides comfortable yet functional protection for any sport you play. For Invisalign patients, or those without braces, your standard mouthguard should do the trick, whether boiled to mold to your particular mouth/teeth shape or used right out of the package.
Now that you understand what “National Facial Protection Month” is all about, be sure to protect that gorgeous smile of yours each time you play a sport, even sports that may not require it by rule. Just know that when it comes to your smile, it’s always good to play on the safe side!
If you have questions about how to protect your teeth during sports or other activities, ask the doctors or staff at Perelmuter & Goldberg at your next visit. We want to help you achieve that greater smile…and protect it too!