Football season has started, and though it is not the only sport that mouth guards should be worn, it is a good time to raise awareness about the importance overall. It’s common knowledge as to why mouth guards are important, so why don’t more athletes wear them? Maybe they think it’s uncool, they may not like the feeling, or they just haven’t heard about the benefits. Luckily, we here at Perelmuter & Goldberg want to share with you the good that can come about just by wearing the “dreaded” mouth guard.
Mouth guards have evolved over time to help the uncomfortable feeling. There are three main types to pick from so you can find the best fit.
Stock Mouth Guards- These are the prepackaged kind that are bought ready to wear and the least expensive. The only problem is these are also the least adjustable to help fit your mouth.
Boil and Bite Mouth Guards- Just how the title sounds; boil them and bite to your own mold. More comfort and easier breathing!
Custom Fit Mouth Guards- Custom fit mouth guards may be the most expensive option of the three, but they are individually designed for each purpose and will provide the overall best protection.
Wearing a mouth guard will ultimately save you from paying thousands of dollars if something terrible did happen. Some of the most common injuries when mouth guards are not worn are; chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, tooth loss or even jaw fractures. Such a small investment can end up going a long way.
If you or your child is playing a contact sport, it is highly recommended to wear a mouth guard. You don’t want to be looking like this guy!