You’ve just had your braces removed after a couple of years or so and now you have to worry about something else each day! It seems like a lot, but wearing your retainers will eventually become a habit. Think of them as “pajamas for your teeth!”
Many patients underestimate the importance of wearing their retainer after their braces have come off, but it is the most critical part of post care . Retainers are the only way to help ensure your teeth stay in alignment long after the braces come off or you complete your Invisalign . It could be compared to something such as buying a car. Why spend all the time, energy and money on something if you don’t also put in the upkeep!
So, what is a retainer? An orthodontic retainer is a custom-made device–usually made of wires and plastic, clear plastic or a wire bonded directly to the backs of the teeth–that hold teeth in position after realigning with orthodontic . It keeps your teeth from moving back into the position which they started before your orthodontic . Teeth tend to shift throughout life, whether you’ve had orthodontics or not—but ESPECIALLY if you have.
Though each situation will be different, the rule of thumb when it comes to retainers is that it should be worn all day and night for the period Dr. Perelmuter & Dr. Goldberg prescribe. Then after that, the retainer should be worn nightly indefinitely. About one half of our adult patients are having orthodontic for the second time. Don’t be one of them!
Retainers last for years, but not forever. Get your retainers replaced if they are lost, if they get loose or if you begin to notice even mild shifting of your teeth. They are your best insurance policy to keeping your fantastic smile. Most of our patients now have a permanent scan of their teeth on file, so it is simple to call and order a new set of retainers.
Please ask any of our staff here at Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics if you have questions about your retainer wear! We’d be happy to answer!