Have you ever wondered to yourself, “How does your smile change as you age?” You may be aware of the regular wear and tear with teeth chips, discoloration and bad breath. However, there are also other ways that your smile can change as you age. Check out four major things that can change as your smile grows older.
A Gap in Front Teeth: As you age, the space between your two front teeth can become larger. Spacing can be caused by un-proportioned jaws and teeth, positioning of your tongue against your teeth when swallowing, or gum disease which triggers the spacing due to inflammation.
Bottom Teeth Crowding: As you get older, your jaw bone can lose density and shrink overtime. Crowding can also occur because issues like breathing through your mouth, reverse swallowing and facial trauma.
Incorrect Bite: Also called Malocclusion, your incorrect bite can occur when the lower and upper jaw don’t align. This can lead to headaches, clicking and popping jaw joints, or even grinding your teeth.
Post-Orthodontic Teeth Shifting: Natural teeth shifting can happen as you age, especially after you’ve already had orthodontic . Thus, a retainer is sometimes needed to maintain the proper teeth position.
In 2018, 1 in 4 adults underwent orthodontic to help alleviate some of these glaring issues that effect your smile as you age. Reach out to Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics to schedule your consultation today!