There are many technological advances in all areas of dentistry and orthodontics, in particular. One of the latest of these is the iTero intra-oral scanner, which Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics acquired in the spring of 2012, making us the first practice in the metro area to do so.
The scanner, which replaces the gooey teeth molds in most cases, is comprised of a computer, specialized software and a “magic wand” that, when moved around the teeth in a precise manner by our highly trained assistants, captures a 3-dimensional image of the teeth. This image is highly accurate (slightly more accurate than traditional molds) from which physical models of the teeth can be created by ortho labs and used to make orthodontic appliances. All aligners for Invisalign in our practice are now made from these scans as well as most other appliances and diagnostic dental casts. Traditional molds are still required when we need a quick turnaround, such as for orthodontic retainers we make in our lab.
There are other upsides to the scanner. Whereas sending conventional teeth molds from added up to a week of shipping and processing time, the digital 3-D images of the teeth are received by the lab in minutes, speeding up the appliance processing. In addition, the way you bite is captured exactly as you bite—we don’t have to rely on a wax facsimile of your bite and hope the lab reproduces it accurately.
You might expect higher fees for this technology, but Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics did not have to raise our fees as there is savings in time and materials, which offset the cost of the scanner. Therefore, our patients receive the latest technology for improved care with no additional cost. This is what you’ve expected from Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics and we are thrilled that our patients can benefit from the latest in orthodontic care. Your smile makes us smile!