Dalton is one of our Invisalign Teen patients who, like most of our patients, has an amazing story to tell! He’s a straight-A student at St. Gabriel School, as well as an avid skateboarder, hunter and athlete. His best sport is archery and in July he competed in the NASP World Archery Tournament in Nashville, TN with the St. Gabriel archery team. He was kind enough to take some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us…
What was it like competing at the World Tournament?
It was a four-day trip and the biggest tournament I’ve ever competed in. I was very nervous because I was shooting against some of the best shooters in the world my age. Surprisingly, I still shot a 275, which was my record. My score ended up being the second highest on the St. Gabriel team. It was a great experience and I’m proud that I made it as far as I did, especially since it was my first year on the team.
What have you learned from your experience competing in archery?
I’ve learned that I need to be “the 3 C’s”, which are calm, cool and collected. Competing has also helped me meet many different people and has taught me to have great sportsmanship. Without archery in my life, I probably wouldn’t have as much confidence as I have either!
What are your plans for archery in the future?
I hope to just keep up all my work and to not let it affect my grades. I want to keep doing it because I love it and only continue to get better.
On another subject, you’re currently using Invisalign to help with your smile. How do you think your Greater Smile will change your life?
I think my new smile is going to impact my life because I’ll be smiling more! People seeing that I’m happy might make them smile too. Fixing my teeth is going to have a greatly positive impact on me.
What would you tell other people who might be thinking about coming to Perelmuter & Goldberg?
I’d definitely recommend Perelmuter & Goldberg to all my friends and family. As a matter of fact, Dr. Perelmuter did my mother’s braces when she was in dental school. I’d tell anyone who was thinking about coming here to not be scared at all. The doctors and staff are so caring and careful. It’s like a fun experience!
All of us at Perelmuter & Goldberg wish Dalton luck in everything he does. We know he’s on target for big things to come!