Over your lifetime, we’re certain that you’ve heard a million times that proper brushing at least twice a day is essential to the health of your teeth. This is especially true if you have braces or other mouth appliances – as they can retain and trap bacteria in your mouth.
Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics is here to shed some education about various methods of brushing. See information below and reach out to us with questions!
There are three main ways to brush your teeth: an electrical toothbrush a manual toothbrush or an interdental toothbrush. There are pros and cons to all three of these methods. However, it all depends on your needs and your routine. If you have wires or braces, using an interdental toothbrush to get hard to reach places is a good option! An electrical toothbrush will allow us to focus on one tooth at a time, which can be great for removing most plaque.
If you are brushing with a manual brush, view this simple infographic that can help you understand how to best brush your teeth!
Remember, brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, at least twice a day, will be imperative to keeping a happy and healthy mouth.