Once you get your braces put on it is important to follow your plan and have a good relationship with your braces, since you will be wearing them for months or years. We always tell our patients that taking care of your teeth and braces is the best way to make your go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Here are 5 ways to ensure that you have a good relationship with your braces.
Keep up with brushing and flossing. Brushing your teeth with braces takes twice the effort. Therefore, it requires twice the time—that is, four times a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and be thorough about brushing under the wire as well. While flossing can be difficult and more time consuming while you are wearing braces, it is important to take your time and floss correctly to prevent gum disease. We recommended the Platypus flossers or something similar to floss more easily under your braces. Good brushing and flossing results in healthy teeth and gums when the braces come off and prevents permanent scarring of the teeth.
Wear your rubber bands and any other orthodontic appliances as directed. While these things can be annoying, we assure you that you will get used to them the more you wear them as directed. Failing to do so can increase the length of your time or compromise the results.
Avoid carbonated sodas and foods that are hard or sticky. While it can be difficult to give up sticky or hard foods, especially if you love popcorn, gum, or chewy candies, it is important to avoid these foods while you are wearing braces. Eating these foods increase your risk of breaking a bracket or wire and will add cost and time to wearing the braces. Carbonated drinks seem to cling to the braces and cause permanent scarring of the tooth enamel because of their acidity.
Chew with your back teeth as much as you can. Avoid taking large bites of food or chewing with your front teeth to lower your changes of damaging your braces. If you love eating foods like apples or corn on the cob, cut the food into small pieces that you can chew with your back teeth to continue enjoying them without causing damage.
Keep regular appointments with to avoid falling behind with your . We all want to get your braces off as soon as possible and give you the smile you’ve been waiting for.