Summer is the perfect time to get a little break from the hard work and routine that the school year brings. However, a little routine even during the summer months is just as crucial for you and your teeth. Somewhere in the middle of sports, vacations, waterslides, and sleepovers, let’s all take a minute to remember these helpful tips for a summer of big smiles and healthy habits.
Brush! Brush! Brush!—While it’s ideal to brush teeth after every meal if possible, do the best you can to AT LEAST do so each morning when you wake up and night before you sleep.
Wear a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports—With more free time and opportunity to stay active during summer months, sports injuries are common. Protect your smile with a customized mouth guard whenever you take to the field or court.
Make an Appointment BEFORE Your Trip—Before you leave town, it’s always a good idea to make sure your braces are in the best shape possible to prevent discomfort from issues such as poking wires or brackets. Keeping your appointments is also a simple, but necessary step to keep you on track toward a braces-free smile.
Take Inventory of Braces Essentials—Always check to make sure you have enough bands, wax, and other essentials to get you through your trips and overnight stays this summer.
Pack an Overnight Braces Bag—If you plan to be away from , be sure to pack a bag with your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, retainer (& case) and any other appliances or necessary items.
Ask the staff at Perelmuter & Goldberg for more tips on taking care of that beautiful smile. Have a great summer!