When you think about the orthodontics office, you probably think about braces and Invisalign, right? However, did you know that orthodontists are often explaining the need for patients to “open” their bite or create a more “leveled” lower arch? It’s important, as an orthodontist patient, to have all the information you need in order to get . So, here’s some information on what a “Deep Bite” is.
What Is a Deep Bite?
A deep bite is when your upper front teeth bite too deeply over the lower front teeth. There are a few things that can cause this: large top jaw, missing lower teeth, a smaller lower jaw of tight oral muscular patterns.
Is a Deep Bite Bad?
When this condition occurs, lower front teeth get worn down more quickly. In addition, this condition can also lead to excessive wear and tear on the teeth. Things like painful cores, ulcers, un-comfortability and crookedness can be a symptom or result of having a deep bite. Thus, there are many negative side-effects of having a deep bite that can be solved with a visit to the orthodontist!
How to Correct It?
When you are experiencing a deep bite, your orthodontist will have a consultation to figure out the best solution for you. Popularly, there are a few ways to solve a deep bite: either the upper and lower front teeth (or sometimes both) can be moved up into the supporting bone or the side and back teeth can be elongated which opens the bite. In addition, these solutions should be accompanied with braces or Invisalign, to ensure a long-term solution.
If you suspect you have a deep bite, reach out to Perelmuter and Goldberg and we can help you find the best, personalized solution TODAY!