So, you got your braces off…What’s next?
Now that your braces have done the job of giving you that beautiful smile, a retainer is a crucial appliance for holding your teeth in their new positions. Without retainers, teeth may move and shift over time, which may lead to longer need for wear or even a second round of braces. To avoid that trouble, the doctors at P&G will instruct you when and for how long you’ll need to wear your new retainers. Since no two smiles are the same, instructions will vary from one patient to the next.
Having your braces removed can be strange at first. Therefore, we want to help you transition into life after braces.
Here are some helpful tips you might consider:
-Your enamel will be sensitive for a few weeks. Therefore, you should consider waiting about a month or so before any bleaching or whitening .
-We know you’re excited to try all those crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods that you couldn’t with braces, but be sure to ease into it. Your sensitive teeth will thank you for it.
-Schedule a professional cleaning with your dentist. While we’re sure you’ve done a wonderful job of keeping your teeth clean even with braces, giving those covered or neglected areas a proper cleaning is highly recommended.
-Give yourself a few days to adjust to your new retainers. A slight lisp, extra saliva, & even drooling are common at first, and should go away as your mouth becomes used to working around the retainers.
-Lastly, always make sure to put retainers in their case immediately after removing. Placing retainers in a napkin or a place besides the proper case are typically how they become lost or thrown out.
Have more questions about proper teeth and retainer care after braces? Ask the doctors or staff at Perelmuter & Goldberg over the phone or at your next visit. We’re happy to answer!
Enjoy that beautiful brand-new smile and take good care of it. You’ve earned it!