Taking proper care of your Invisalign trays is an essential part of making sure your get the brightest smile! How, you may ask? By practicing proper cleaning techniques, you will avid discoloration of the tray and bacteria that cause mouth odor. Take a look at tips on cleaning your Invisalign trays below:
1) Clean trays each morning and night: Just like your teeth, your trays need to be thoroughly cleaned twice a day. Bacteria builds up on the trays overnight, so cleaning is an essential part of making sure your mouth stays healthy. Cleaning should take place when you wake up in the morning and before bed.
2) Don’t eat or drink with trays in: Although it would probably be hard to chew your steak dinner with your Invisalign anyway, remember that whenever you eat or drink to remove your trays. That way, they stay clean and your mouth stays healthy!
3) Rinse every time you remove tray: When you wear the trays throughout the day, your saliva creates the perfect environment for bacteria to build up. Rinsing them throughout the day can help prevent unhealthy amounts of buildup.
4) Don’t brush your tray with toothpaste: It may seem against the norm to NOT brush your tray with toothpaste, seeing as it’s what we use on our teeth, but using toothpaste on the trays can harm the aligners. To keep them in pristine shape, just brush them gently without paste.
Invisalign is a wonderful alternative to braces if it fits your needs. At Perelmuter and Goldberg Orthodontics, we always want to make sure your orthodontic services are accompanied with the right resources and education on how to make your smile shine it’s brightest. Don’t forget these tips on properly cleaning your trays.
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