A child’s to the orthodontics office can be a bit nerve wrecking. Meeting new staff members and being in a new environment with examinations and dental chairs can cause a bit of a negative stigma for your child and the orthodontics office.
Being prepared for this can help things go smoothly and create a health relationship with your child and the orthodontics office. Here’s a preview of what your may look like at the office:
The should be an exam and consultation, so no work will actual be done to your child at this visit.
The Dr will do an examination of your child’s teeth, bite and smile. They may also take photos and radiographs.
The Dr will then explain the findings of this exam and be able to discuss next steps.
The Dr may create an observation schedule for growth and development for your child.
Financial options, estimated length, etc. will be discussed during this appointment.
Overall, the is nothing to worry about, so focus on letting your child know they should remain calm and comfortable during this visit.