With sports like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, field hockey and gymnastics, it is quite common for mouth injuries to occur. Therefore, if you or your child play sports with a mouthful of braces, it’s even more crucial that proper protective measures such as a mouth guard be worn to protect from injury.
What’s the big deal?
Wearing a mouth guard can help prevent broken, cracked, or lost teeth, jaw injuries and lacerations to the lip and mouth area as a result of contact with a ball or collision with another player. This preventative measure not only saves you from the pain and damage of potentially serious injuries, but can also keep your orthodontic on schedule without the setbacks that injuries could create.
What kind of mouth guard should I use?
While there are several different types of mouth guards, from stock, to boil-and-bite, the most effective and comfortable mouth guards are those made specifically for comfort and functionality with braces. These specialized mouth guards com in single and double mouth guard styles that cater to the braces wearer, leaving room for brackets and wires.
Should I worry about keeping my mouth guard clean?
Yes! You should sanitize your mouth guard on a daily basis with an antimicrobial denture-cleansing solution. Because mouth guards can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, it is crucial to keep it clean between each use. Be prepared to replace your mouth guard regularly due to wear or changes in your teeth.
Ask the staff at Perelmuter & Goldberg any questions you may have about protecting your braces during sports…we’re happy to help you protect that beautiful smile!