Ever wondered if there is something out there that could drastically reduce the amount of time you have to wear braces? AcceleDent technology is the answer to this question! The AcceleDent Aura has been proven to decrease braces time by 38%-50%. By using this pulsing technology for just 20 minutes a day, you can drastically decrease the amount of time you’ll spend in your braces. Find out about AcceleDent below:
What is it?
AcceleDent is a device that uses soft pulsing technology to accelerate the movement of teeth inside of braces. This technology, combined with your regular braces wearing, is the perfect pair to get you to a straighter smile in less time!
How does it work?
This portable, removeable accessory uses a connector to gently vibrate your teeth into a straighter position. Just place the accessory tray on your teeth and turn the device on, you’ll see a green light come on. Ensure your teeth are placed in the accessory tray firmly and that your teeth are making direct contact with all parts of the mouth piece. It’s recommended to use this device for about 20 minutes a day for maximum efficiency.
Once complete, remove the mouth piece and clean the device by rinsing the mouth piece in lukewarm water and gently brushing it with a toothbrush to rid bacteria. Be sure to keep the actual activator out of the water and only wash the mouth piece.
Is it safe?
Absolutely! It’s been proven and cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device and there haven’t been any proven side effects or tooth root damage. Making the pain free. In fact, the pulsing can actually alleviate some pain caused by wearing braces.
Am I a candidate?
This technology is safe for people of all ages. However, you’ll definitely want to chat with your orthodontist to ensure you are a good candidate. In order to figure out if you’re a good fit for AcceleDent Aura, reach out to us today and we’ll schedule an appointment!