It’s officially Fall and that means that the Holiday season will be quickly approaching before we know it. During this time of the year many families travel to visit with loved ones and celebrate the holidays. With all the holiday meals and snacks, not to mention Halloween candy, be extra cautious about eating foods that can damage your braces. It’s not fun to have a sore tooth or broken wire poking when you are celebrating holidays, and it may set your back. When travelling with braces, there are 5 must-have items that you should always have with you to ensure that your teeth are staying clean and that you don’t run into any trouble while away from your Orthodontist.
A toothbrush and toothpaste: This may be an obvious one to
bring, but it is one of the most important things to have with you when you travel. Brushing your teeth helps to keep your teeth healthy so your braces can do their job. We suggest finding a travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste to bring to save space in your suitcase.
Floss: Floss allows you to clean the space between the arch-wire and the teeth, especially under the gum-line.
A mirror: A pocket mirror can come in handy when you have braces. Checking your teeth using a mirror will allow you to be sure that you haven’t left anything behind after you brush.
Orthodontic Wax: If a bracket or wire rubs a sore spot in your mouth, orthodontic wax can help to stop the irritation. When you are out of town it is important to have this with you so you don’t have to spend any amount of time on your trip with uncomfortable pain.
Over-the-counter pain relievers: Making sure to pack pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can come in handy if you’re having any discomfort while you are out of town.
When packing for any upcoming trips, be sure that you have all 5 of these must-haves in your suitcase before you leave!